Are you a fan of Mount Baker Neighborhood Center for the Arts? You can get involved or support the gallery in a variety of ways!

Where does your support do?

  • Creates opportunities for a wide range of artists of all abilities and backgrounds.
  • Funds scholarships for low-income artists to join our workshops and classes.
  • Designs workshops and programs that are accessible to participants with disabilities.
  • MBNCA spreads the love to other small, local businesses in South Seattle for our printing, catering, and other needs.

Donate to MBNCA

Your tax-deductible donation to Mount Baker Neighborhood Center for the Arts supports this non-profit gallery and our amazing group of artists. Donations are deeply appreciated. Please see our Donate page for details.

Purchase Artwork

Visit the gallery to purchase work by a wide variety of local artists, as well as national and international. In addition to rotating exhibitions, we display work by internationally acclaimed artists with disabilities, local artists with disabilities, South Seattle artists, and much more.

Teach a Workshop or Class

Contact MBNCA if you have a class or workshop idea that would benefit our community. MBNCA art workshops should be designed to be accessible for participants of all abilities.

Attend our Openings

Show our artists your support by attending openings at MBNCA! Follow us on Facebook to stay updated of openings and events.