Coming up at MBNCA: Learn the feminist art of Arpillera

MBNCA received a $6000 grant to create a women’s circle to meet weekly during July and August to “translate” photos from the Women’s March January 21st into fabric art that will be included in our annual Please Touch tactile art exhibit this fall!

Arpilleras are patchwork images historically created by groups of women called Arpilleristas in many countries in South America. While many arpilleras depict scenes of daily life, arpilleras were also used in Chile as a subversive art medium by women during the Pinochet regime in the 70s and 80s.

Each participant will work on a 18 x 18 square and learn the applique and embroidery techniques to make this a memorable group learning. Our lead teacher, Peruvian artist Fresia Valdivia, will work with each participant to share their ideas and knowledge about this one-of-a-kind historical and empowering project.

Class will take place at the gallery on Saturdays, 10:30 to noon, with lunch to follow.

Email Barbara if you want to participate at

Color the Resistance! April 30th, 2017


Mt. Baker resident Randy Rowland just finished Coloring the Movement, a coloring book for those of us activists, compadres, and workers who want to gather, plan and enjoy our beloved community the eve before May Day!

This color book, rather than geometric shapes or fanciful swirls, is of our lives, transformed from photos of marches & actions into remarkable images. No need to stay in the lines!

Come join your neighbors in a coloring-themed event at the Mount Baker Neighborhood Center for the Arts. Bring your own coloring materials or use our supplies.

What: Color the Resistance!
When: 3-5pm, Sunday, April 30th, 2017
Where: Mount Baker Neighborhood Center for the Arts, 2919 Rainier Ave S
(by the Mt. Baker Linc Light Rail Station)
Cost: $20 (includes the coloring book!)