Classes + Workshops

Classes at MBNCA

Our classes are fun, affordable, and designed to be accessible for artists of all levels! Most classes are ADA accessible and can accommodate students of all visual abilities. We believe ART is for EVERYONE!

Classes for children and adults available, as well as private instruction in many different artistic mediums.

Art classes and private instruction also available for children and adults with disabilities by experienced educators in the field.

Email to inquire or register!

Regular Workshops


Pure Beeswax Candles are the healthiest wax to burn, do not give off any carcinogens, and smell lovely.

You can make a taper in less than 15 minutes. Drop by anytime MBNCA is open, 12-6, Tues. through Sat.

Cost:  $10. Includes instruction, supplies and leave with your beautiful candle!

Special Workshops

Sunday, April 30th, 2017: Color the Resistance!


Mt. Baker resident Randy Rowland just finished Coloring the Movement, a coloring book for those of us activists, compadres, and workers who want to gather, plan and enjoy our beloved community the eve before May Day!

This color book, rather than geometric shapes or fanciful swirls, is of our lives, transformed from photos of marches & actions into remarkable images. No need to stay in the lines!

Come join your neighbors in a coloring-themed event at the Mount Baker Neighborhood Center for the Arts. Bring your own coloring materials or use our supplies.

What: Color the Resistance!
When: 3-5pm, Sunday, April 30th, 2017
Where: Mount Baker Neighborhood Center for the Arts, 2919 Rainier Ave S
(by the Mt. Baker Linc Light Rail Station)
Cost: $20 (includes the coloring book!)


General Class Fee Structure
Unless otherwise noted, classes are priced at a sliding scale structure to ensure access to quality arts experiences for ALL. When you email to register, don’t hesitate to ask questions. You decide what you are able to pay, no questions asked.

$10 to $20 for one hour class
$15 to $35 for two hour class

Some classes have an extra $5-$10 supply fee (depends on the class).