“Healing and Recovery, A Celebration” Opens July 17

Healing and Recovery, A Celebration

A solo exhibition featuring the art of Karen Gjelsteen

July 17th to September 11, 2015

The painting Lifeboat by Karen Gjelseen
Lifeboat, by Karen Gjelsteen

Opening Receptions:

  • Friday, July 17th, 6:00-9:00 pm
  • Sunday, July 19th, 3:00-7:00 pm

Please come and bring your friends!

Karen Gjelsteen is a mixed media artist, a theatre scenic designer and an educator.

Her mixed media art is heavily influenced by her career as a set designer. Her theatre experiences bring a dramatic boldness and theatricality to her work that often explores themes of ethereal memory.

She has designed over 140 theatrical productions regionally and nationally. Her theatre set designs have appeared from Seattle to Atlanta, from Berkeley to Portland, and from Honolulu to Anchorage. In 2007 she received the Gregory Falls Sustained Achievement Award for her contributions to the Seattle theatre community.

Her career as an educator at Seattle’s Cornish College of the Arts spanned three decades.  She was a founding visionary of the the Performance Production Department, where as full professor, she mentored scenic designers and artisans.

After she retired from Cornish, Ms. Gjelsteen began the paintings in this exhibit while undergoing a three year long medical treatment for cancer.

This, her first solo exhibit, will showcase over 80 works of art developed around central themes that touch each of our lives. The series includes Entrances and Exits, a Torso series, Ghost Memory Album, Odes and Invocations, Crossing the River, Life with Attitude, Re-Emergence: Coming into and out of the Light and In the Wind: Flags of Thanks.

Staring at a Blank Canvas, by Karen Gjelsteen
Staring at a Blank Canvas,
by Karen Gjelsteen
Coming and Going, by Karen Gjelseen
Coming and Going,
by Karen Gjelsteen

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